Guidance BBC TV News pay their presenters millions but the budget doesn't extend to basic proofreading. It seems they need some "guidance".

Rachel Reeves MP

A highly paid MP, thought intelligent enough to be appointed Shadow Chancellor, is sending a letter to the Prime Minister, amongst others, and cannot be bothered to take a moment to proofread it.

Daily Express – Football

Jonathan Hogg was, indeed, a Huddersfield ace  and it was that team he was playing for.The game did not involve Middlesbrough  at all.Hogg was born in Middlesbrough and did play briefly for their youth team many years before but the pictures accompanying the story should have been an ample clue that he was not playing for them.How does a national newspaper print something so carelessly written?

Mail Online

One of the most widely read sites in the UK yet employing people who do not understand how to write basic English.The lower case  "s" for south is fine but "Wales" requires a capital "W".          

Sky Sports

A specialist sports broadcaster but still inaccurate. Tammy Abraham never played for Bristol Rovers and they were not in the Championship. Bristol City however ...