Crest Flags

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Superb quality flags that you will be delighted with. Printed onto 117gsm Knitted Polyester with dye-sublimation process resulting in 80-90% show-through on the reverse.

  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to assemble
  • Printed using a dye-sublimation process for great show-through on the reverse
  • Printed with a 3.2m-wide dye-sublimation printer
  • Finished  with  industrial sewing machines
  • Includes high-performance aluminium and GRP poles (collapsible into multiple pieces)
  • Available in four sizes
  • Multiple options for bases (not included)
  • Stable up to Beaufort scale: 4 (13-18 mph)

Full measurement specifications for flag sizes

NameSmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Standing Height2560mm3150mm4080mm5140mm
Graphic Width500mm600mm785mm850mm
Graphic Height1900mm2600mm3400mm3900mm
Graphic Ground Clearance660mm550mm700mm1250mm

Choice of sleeve colour and choice of bases

You can choose from either black or white sleeve colours. Indicate your choice in the options box above. The sleeve is where the flexible pole holds the flag and should be chosen according to whether you have a light or dark coloured design. The sleeve and pole kit are included in the price of your flag.

There is a wide choice of bases which should be ordered separately, according to your intended use. A selection of bases can be ordered to allow varied uses of the same flag

Optional Carry Bags

Allow for easy transportation and storage of flags and their poles.

Can accommodate:

  • A folded flag (small/medium/large/extra large)
  • A flag pole (small/medium/large/extra large)
  • A flag base. Only:
    • Cross Brace & Weight Bag
    • Large Cross Brace & Weight Bag
    • Metal Ground Spike (dedicated pocket)
    • Plastic Ground Spike
    • Car Foot

Some bases, such as the metal ground spike, can easily fit inside a dedicated pocket inside the bag. Other, larger ones must be kept either with the flag, or loose inside the bag.

Weight bags must be as empty as possible when put in the bag. When putting used bases/spikes in the bag, we recommend wrapping them in plastic to prevent the flag becoming dirty.

Select in the option boxes above – Prices only apply when ordered with a flag.


If you have your own designer please contact us before purchase to obtain a template.

Otherwise, we can arrange your content to suit the chosen size and email a proof to you for approval before printing.

We do not charge for the initial layout or one round of revisions providing you supply the elements of your design (logo, pictures, etc.  must be in the correct format)


Flags are printed single side and the nature of the material allows the design to be seen from the reverse side, although this is in mirror image.

As standard,  single-sided flags are setup to have the front face of the design with the base and pole on the left-hand side. However, we can flip the design to have the front face  with the base and pole on the right-hand side.

If this is required, please tell us at the outset and if your designer is preparing the artwork ensure they know that only the printed elements are reversed – not the flag design itself.


Consider where you position your flag, as air pollution will cause the white areas to become grey and UV can, over time, cause deterioration and fading to the fabric.

Flags can be washed in a regular washing machine on a 40° wash with everyday detergents. Always allow your flag to completely dry out before storing.

Ensure that your flag doesn’t catch or snag on its pole or any other surrounding objects. Do not place poles too close together.

Dismantle your flag during adverse weather conditions, including strong winds in excess of beaufort scale 4 (13-18mph). Heavy rain combined with high winds can increase the weight of the flag and put extra strain on the pole.

Life expectancy is entirely dependant on the climatic conditions and hours of flying. Realistic maximum lifespan of a regularly used flag is six months.

Flag bases should be chosen to suit the size of flag you are ordering and the type of ground the flag will be used with. For full details, please refer to our flag accessories page.

If you plan to create a ‘reversed design’ version of your artwork, the design content itself should not be horizontally flipped – only the flag template shape should be flipped. If the content is flipped, this will likely result in an unsatisfactory graphic, since the ‘front’ of the graphic would read the wrong way around, and the other side would only be readable as ‘show-through’. Please ask if you have any questions on how to setup your artwork.



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