Every business, whether supplying  a product or a service, needs customers to survive.

Those customers need to have confidence in your abilities to supply their needs and to find and retain them you should look like you care about your own business.

If you send out sloppy marketing the customer is likely to doubt that you will care about their work if you don’t care about your own. Sadly, mistakes are common and easy to make.

Check just a small sample of the hundreds of errors we spot on a daily basis by viewing our blog pages  here.  

Many of the biggest names make the sloppiest mistakes which go unchecked before publication and people who feel they have opinions to offer on  internet forums and comments listings frequently lack the ability  to write or understand even the most simple words:,

Those two will need to wait too

You’re going to need your coat

If that becomes loose you will lose it

They’re going to need their coats there

If these words resonate with you 

we advise you to seek advice

Even the big guns get it wrong! Click to see examples in our "Bloopers" section

Beware of “text speak” creeping into your output.

We see increasing instances of “U”  replacing “you” and “2” and”4″ replacing “to (or too)” and “for” amongst others.

There also seems to be a tendency to write slang terms such  as “gonna”, “wanna” and “kinda” even in business proposals.

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