Typesetting and Layouts

Ever see spelling or grammatical errors?

They’re going to have to leave their things over there.

You’re going to have to leave your things as well.

Tie them tightly. If they become loose you may lose them.

If these sentences resonate with you we advise you to seek advice.

We see errors like this, and worse, every day – on leaflets, menus, advertisements,

vehicles – everywhere!

Even so called “professionals” get it wrong.

Our national broadcaster, the BBC, seem to think Max Verstappen was removing his clothes as he attempted to pass Lewis Hamilton.

hamiton bares down bbc

Meanwhile, Mirror Group Newspapers employ people who think they are journalists even though they have no understanding of basic English words!


Try our excellent value proof reading and typesetting services.

We have over 20 years experience in signage and print.

Let us  check your spelling, grammar and punctuation – Even the big players get it wrong!

You want your business to look professional and mistakes in your marketing indicate a sloppy attitude, leaving your potential customers wondering if your own products and services are trustworthy.

We will not only check your content but also typeset it, using the latest software, to ensure your print uses the correct layout and format with bleeds and printers marks inserted as required. We also check that your images are in the correct colour format and the correct resolution and ratio.

We offer this as a stand alone service or a complete package together with the finished print product, both in a  wide variety of sign or print products.

Call or e-mail with your requirements.

The Telegraph – It used to be a well respected newspaper.

Now – They employ people who do not even understand  the differences between basic words of the English language.

This was presumably written by someone who had academic qualifications before being checked and approved by someone of higher rank.  What chance does your business have?


We can offer the complete package.

Your content checked for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Image resolution and colour format checked.

Sized to fit the correct page format or product shape.

Printers bleeds and trim marks inserted.

End product exported in the correct format and either mailed back to you or your print producer