Each item of your marketing needs setting out properly according to it’s size, a lot of  those being rectangular in shape though not all.

Every item needs a certain amount of “breathing space” with important text being kept a distance inside the edges to avoid them being clipped in production or difficult to read.

Even some rectangular items need individual attention.  PVC banners, for example, have rectangular shapes but extra consideration has to be given to the eyelets which are punched into the longest sides for fixing.  Both text and small images will need to avoid these.  Banner stands will need to take account of the space taken inside the top rail fixing and also the length hidden by the base Traditional backdrop stands are constructed from a number of printed strips which need to be exactly aligned to assure correct display .  

Portable flags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and the majority are irregular shapes such as “teardrop”, “crest” or “fin” and rectangular designs simply will not work.  Additionally, most flags are made from a knitted polyester fabric which allows your design to show through on the reverse side, albeit in  mirror image. This will need prior thought as to how the image is displayed and perceived. 

For further information on flags see our “The problems with flags” post here.